Look Sharp and make a difference! with Swedish design and Kenyan crafts.

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A Taste For waste story … finding employment is hard in Kisumu, Kenya and wages are low. The tourist market has all but disappeared in recent years, leaving those who made a living in the past from the trade in serious difficulty.
Thru our knowledge in craft and design, we want to contribute to a stable income for the artisans at Zingira Comunity Craft, and thereby give them the possibility to have a better life…

We searched for a waste material that was common in both Kenya and Sweden. A soft material that would be easy to work with and crafted with simple tools. Gothenburg, Sweden = BIG bicycle city. Kisumu, Kenya = BIG bicycle city, both with a lot of discarded inner bicycle tubes. We had found our mutual material!

We are now further developing our Taste for wast project by looking for exciting forgotten and discarded materials home, in Sweden…

Together with jewelry artist Pernilla Person, Jenny Fingal is the founder of Taste for Waste. The project seek out ”left-overs” and discarded materials to give it a new life and purpose. Ideally in places where we need to be reminded that the earth’s resources are not infinite!

Take a look at Instagram taste_for waste for the long story and more pictures!