Jenny Fingal is a furniture designer, educated at the Danish Design School in Copenhagen. She now lives on the Swedish west coast on a small island, Instön, one  of the Marstrand islands where she has her studio and workshop.

At the start, there were two designers at Fingal design, Jenny and Erik …. but after a few years they decided to go from work partners to life partners. Jenny, happily married, took over Fingal design! 

Does it take two to tango?! well she believes in collaboration and likes to work with a sprawling crowd of other talents in the creative field. Depennding on what the task is, here are some of her favourite ( work:) partners.

Jens Östgaard, Illustrator / logo designer / Entrepreneur
Evanch Odhiambo, Founder of Zingira Comynity Craft
Helena Hansson, researcher on frugal innovation
Eva-johanna Isestig, Children’s Culture Designer, Interior Architect
Hedvig Jordy, Product Developer/life lover!

story to be conti…….